Mobile Stages

SL 260

  • Size: 32’ W, 24’ D

  • Set up time: 1.5 hrs with one technician and 3 stage hands

  • Wind resistance: 90 mph without windwalls, 60 mph with windwalls

  • Certified by professional engineers in every state and province

  • Roof lifting capacity: 12,000 lbs

  • Load bearing capacity: 18,500 lbs

  • Add-ons: Banner supports, extension decks, covered wings


SL 100 Mix

  • FOLLOW-SPOT TOWER - work area of 24’ wide, 6’ deep, fits 4 follow-spots and operators

  • SOUND RIGGING - Two SL 100 standard 800 lb (363 kg) rigging beams.

  • WEATHER PROTECTION - Custom SL 100 Mix windwall to fully enclose the unit and protect sound and lighting boards

  • ROOF - Same lifting and rigging capacity as the standard SL 100, custom central roof made of FRP, follow-spots can be positioned at lower roof height and raised with hydraulics

  • RETRACTABLE WALLS - front and rear windwalls open and close to optimize sight-lines and weather protection

  • MIXING POSITION FLOOR - The upstage deck of the SL 100 can be installed as low as 1’ (.3 m) from the ground and up to the same height as the main deck in increments of 2” (50 mm), optional lower deck extension

  • ENCLOSED MIX POSITION - fully enclosed for overnight protection, optional scrim window